Mobile Application

we build mobile apps once and deploy them anywhere, delivering a near-native user experience

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Cloud Application

we help companies large and small develop and deliver applications all over the world

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We develop a consistent brand experience through innovative methods of digital, ATL, and BTL

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Digital Marketing

we design campaigns using interactive marketing tools that are tailored to the client’s expectations

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Social Media

we help our clients transfer their presence in the market into social media presence

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U Business Advisory & Consulting (UBAC)

Our services

TKT Studio has been providing the best in professional facilities and equipment to the Music Industry. TKT Studio offer high quality back line in amply sized studios at affordable prices. All electric in TKT Studio are tied to an isolation transformer. TKT Studio customers can expect great quality and value in a high-level professional rehearsal studio. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a huge yet balance sound in an intimate setting.

Studio Rental

Great choices of pro-gear, high quality PA, multiple monitor mixes. Priced affordably, TKT Studio is a great choice when preparing for a gig, writing, or just jamming.


TKT Studio Recording has proudly provided top professional audio recording and mixing services to the music, film, and advertising industries.

Equipment Rental

TKT Studio has been providing high quality production services to the music industry. Offering the best equipment in the industry, TKT Studio has built it's reputation and making the customer it's priority.

What else we provide?

Teaching Space

Famed Hong Kong entertainment facility Smash Studios offers a unique, creative and effective space for classes, seminars, and performances.

Live Broadcast Performance

High-speed Internet, Wi-Fi and equipments are ready for live broadcast at the studio for your live show etc.

Musician & Live Music Services

Providing efficient, personalized and customer focused live music services are our passion and dedication. We offer personalized and tailor-made services to gain customer best satisfaction, this is our principle of excellent services and commitment.