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we build mobile apps once and deploy them anywhere, delivering a near-native user experience

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Cloud Application

we help companies large and small develop and deliver applications all over the world

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We develop a consistent brand experience through innovative methods of digital, ATL, and BTL

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Digital Marketing

we design campaigns using interactive marketing tools that are tailored to the client’s expectations

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we help our clients transfer their presence in the market into social media presence

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U Business Advisory & Consulting (UBAC)

Our services

TKT Photography Studio is a studio in the business hub of Kowloon specifically designed with the needs of the photographer and the client in mind. We can also help with the hiring of lighting and digital assistants, stylists and hair & make-up artists to make your shoot go that much more smoothly.


We take pride in investing in the best available studios and doing it rapidly. While technology may be essential to reach organizational success, we use cutting-edge features behind the scenes, and this helps us rise above competitors.


We can easily work with high accuracy and efficiency. We provide the lowest costs possible and a great quality of service. We put you first when it comes to our goals and business processes, while at the same time maintaining quality.


We focus the design of our studio around you and your needs, so that productivity could build up and you and your clients could feel comfortable in the workplace.

What else we provide?

Project Engagment

We are engaged into every project we take on right from the start, and these are highly valued. We take pleasure in raising the bar to the highest point possible, and this drives us towards success.

Affordable Studio

We have a very affordable photography studio rental and this isn’t due to a lack of quality – our business model is just different from others.

Various Options

We often receive very positive comments by agencies, casting companies, models, photographers, and videographers such as the fact that our studios are always clean, how we own amazing equipment, and how they love what we are doing!